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Father's Prayer LifeLine

Welcome to

and so are your prayers!

You're words are


You're child/children's future breakthroughs matter, just as much as your pain matters. 

Let me help you pray through your anger, pain, heartache, and disappointment.


I understand your pain. I have been through your pain and I ask that you let me help guide you through your emotions towards your healing prayers.


Jesus Loves you and Jesus still loves you no matter what you have said and/or done! Jesus also loves your children and their fathers as well.

After some healing, comes some forgiveness, and with some forgiveness comes Jesus's desire to help you break the Fatherless Generational curses off of your family and bloodline!

Through a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ - healing, changing your mindset, unlearning unhealthy habits, and relearning healthy habits. Followed with powerful prayers and speaking God's powerful words Out Loud over yourself and your life.


You can help your child/children not to have to suffer from having a (lack) of healthy male relationships in their life, as you and I did.

All Father's Matter!

All Mother's Matter!

All Children Matters!

Let's pray together for your healing and for your children and children's fathers as well because no matter what they have done, your words can help release their breakthrough so that your children can have great fathers like you and I wish we had!

Let's fight this pandemic together. This demonic spiritual disease that has been affecting our families for generations.

Let's fight with our words the right way, through our prayers together!

Our phone call is private, confidential, and free!

Let's just talk and pray together.

I look forward to hearing from you!

God Bless you and your family!

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