The Sweet Nothings Game

Have you fallen for The Sweet Nothings Game?

Why does the Sweet Nothings Game exist?

How does the Sweet Nothings Game continue to stay alive?

It's because of how the (Sweet Nothings Game) plays off of a young lady and a woman's needs, wants, desires, insecurities, and trauma, which gets her to ignore how time is her best friend before she gives too much of herself away, without knowing what breed of man she is dealing with.

So, she opens up her legs, mouth, and ears too fast because of all the lies of future faking that she is listening to, from men who love to play the sweet nothings game!

We all have needs, wants, and desires, that's just part of the human experience on this earth but what gets us, Ladies, in a lot of trouble with unnecessary future pain and trauma is when our desires are surrounded around unhealthy pride and ego, which then helps you to fall prey to the Sweet Nothing's Game again and again until all your pain, unfortunately, has to teach you that your way is not working for you!

Predators of all kinds prey on young ladies and women's needs, desires, vulnerabilities, trauma, and rebellion that are submerged within a woman's unhealthy pride and ego and unhealthy pride and ego come from unhealthy, low self-esteem and love for oneself.

This then leads to the need to inflate your worth and value to feel good about yourself. Which then makes it easier to believe the sweet nothings game, that the snake whisperer, whispers in your ears, all the things that you need to hear but secretly really wished that you believed about yourself. The Ex game that he plays with you by attempting to make you believe that you are a better woman than she was, doesn't help you either.

He use to tell them the same thing to get them to open up their ears, legs, and heart too.

Ladies, we have to stop thinking that we are so special.

Yes, I know that that statement might have triggered you but please keep reading. We are special and unique to Jesus and others but not to players, con-artists, narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, molesters, rapists, abusers, etc.

We are not special to these types of unhealthy-minded, toxic, abusive men, we are simply just prey to them.

So, we Ladies need to stop walking around with this superior, I'm better than her mindset that unhealthy-minded men use to their advantage to be able to manipulate and control your mind and thoughts better.

Yes, we all are special and unique but we are not better than no one and no one is better than us, there is a difference. Not allowing yourself or anyone else to convince you that you are better than her is a healthy

self-boundary that will help protect you from falling prey to these types of game-playing men.

A healthy-minded woman has needs and vulnerabilities also but it's centered around healthy pride and ego. So, the healthy-minded woman says instead…

I'm not better than her. If he will do it to her, he will do it to me and I'm not playing the game and wasting my time to find out either.

  • She is wise enough not to allow unhealthy pride and ego, to creep into her mind from his sweet nothings.

  • She chooses facts over feelings.

  • She's wise enough to pay attention to his history and actions, instead of his sweet nothings.

  • She knows that if the fruit/woman that falls off of his tree is broken and damaged, then it's just a matter of time before she will be also.

  • She doesn't let unhealthy ego and pride trick her into thinking she can handle him just because she wants, what she wants.

  • So, she keeps her legs closed because she knows how powerful the act of sex is and a short time in bed with him is not worth years of her heart feeling broken and her time and energy being wasted, so she chooses to go without, to protect her sanity and peace.

  • She doesn't wait around to find out if she's right either and she most definitely doesn't try to figure out the (why) he does; what he does, so she can fix and keep him because she's not his mama, psychologist, or Jesus!

The healthy-minded woman loves her peace, sanity, body, heart, and future more than just being able to say (I got a man).

  • She doesn't play power games with spirits!

  • She doesn't like to play gas-lighting games either!

So, she prays for him and keeps it moving.

Yes, she's disappointed but she's wise enough to know that he's had a lot of practice and he's had a lot of good women in his life so far and she's not going to be another one that he chews up and spits out, when he has sucked all of the life out of her too, like a parasite.

So, she keeps it moving because she has learned the hard way, that a woman can't change a man. Women don't teach a man, only a man and Jesus can teach a man how to be a healthy-minded man and how to respectfully treat a woman, and so she stays in her lane.

So, if you have realized by now that you are dealing with unhealthy pride and ego, then you are not alone. So, have I and I still from time to time, need to talk common sense and facts to myself; so that unhealthy pride and ego won't have their way with me, and over time you will learn how to do so as well.

If you're unhealthy pride and ego did not need the words that come from the sweet nothingness, then the percentage of you getting played by the sweet nothings game drops dramatically.

He's not new to this, he saw you coming a mile away and said to himself, I got another one.

How does the Sweet Nothing’s Game creep in and take over your mind, common sense, and intuition?

It’s because…

  • There was something in you that needed to hear the lies.

  • There was something in you that needed to believe the lies.

  • There was something in you that was broken.

  • There was something in you that needed healing.

  • There was something in you that needed the sweet nothings to feel good about yourself and that is what the sweet nothings game feeds off of for the game to survive and to stay alive!

  • There was something in you that needed to hear the sweet nothings when he was attempting to make you believe that you were different from every other woman that he has ever been with.

  • There was something in you that needed to hear the sweet nothings when he was attempting to make you believe that you were better than her when in reality she was looking for love and loyalty, just like you were.

  • There was something in you that needed to hear the sweet nothings when he was attempting to make you believe that it was all his Ex's fault when she was just an unhealthy, broken, game participant just like you are or were.

  • There was something in you that needed to hear the sweet nothings when he was attempting to make you believe that you are the best that he's ever had, when in reality if you knew how many women he has really been with and how many bodies he's bedded, and/or how many kids/marriages he has had, you would be turned off.

  • There was something in you that needed to hear the Sweet Nothing's, even when deep within your spirit you knew that it was bull but for you to be able to continue living and believing the lie so that you could stay. You had to dumb down yourself, numb and kill your gut intuition with enabling reasonings and excuses, drugs, and/or alcohol.

The something in you was past traumas that over time turned into understandably; insecurities, anger, bitterness, unhealthy pride and ego, fear, and desperation for a man's attention, validation, acceptance, approval, and desire in almost any way that you could get it.

Since you felt empty, unloved, not cared for, alone, and scared inside; you needed a man to fix, heal, and love you in a way that you didn't know how to do for yourself. But unfortunately, what this attracts is the game players that get their broken, unhealthy pride and egos stroked by seeing how many women they can manipulate, control, and have sex with; with their Sweet Nothings!

Ladies, that need to feel protected, loved, and cared for in a healthy way by a man is natural and needed for a young girl and woman but when we have never experienced that as a child, teenager, and woman we then become prey for unhealthy, abusive, toxic men!

It's like they can smell our pain and vulnerabilities like a lion smells blood. Our words betray us because we think that we are hiding it behind our loudness, independence, aggressive, I'm a queen - I'm a dime attitude. But, all that does is smell of insecurity.

Predators can smell and see you coming a mile away. They can tell by the way you walk, talk, and dress. You are not hiding it like you think that you are. A snake always knows the truth behind our words.

How about instead of using up all of your time, hiding it, denying it, and faking it until you make it, you deal with it instead; so that the Sweet Nothing Game Players will no longer be able to have their way with you anymore. Because you won't need to hear it from a man anymore, to feel worthy, valued, and good about yourself.

  • A man can't fix and heal you!

  • Sex can't fix and heal you!

  • Marriage can't fix and heal you!

Only you, Jesus, and the women that he sends your way to help you can do that. A man is not your father and A man is not your God, Jesus is!

So, all of that energy, time, anger, and fighting that you did to get him and try to keep him, how about you use that on yourself for a change! Why is he worthy of it but you are not?

Start fighting for yourself in a healthy way by getting angry enough to move into action and no more talking and trying to prove to him that you are the one for him. No more explaining, no more defending yourself, and no more being a victim. Use that anger that you feel to Steal Your Power Back!

Doing this will start your recovery process.

Getting some healing, will help you to stop your self-abuse.

Getting with a man while your mind and soul is unhealthy and broken is not the answer because you are most likely going to just attract another unhealthy-minded, broken man.

Getting under another man to get over the other man is just another way that you are abusing yourself. This is just collecting bodies that you have slept with and it will do nothing to free your mind and soul.

When you get some healing, you will end up over time no longer needing to lie to yourself with reasoning and excuses about the facts and reality of the relationships or situation-ships, that you always seem to find yourself in.

This then means you will no longer love-bomb and gaslight yourself anymore, which leads to others not being able to do it to you so easily either.

When you can stop doing some of these things that I have written about, then, you will be so much better at not allowing the sweet nothing's game to penetrate your world.

The Sweet Nothings Game are words that mean nothing!

When you are able to get some healing, comes self-respect and with some self-respect comes self-love and with some self-love comes healthy self boundaries and with healthy self boundaries, you will become undesirable to the men that enjoy playing the sweet nothings game, to get what they can get from you and then leave you for dead mentally and emotionally.

They won't be able to play with you so easily, so most will lose interest in you and when this happens it won't effect your inner worth and value like it used to because you now are wise enough just to say, he wasn't the one, and that's ok!

Time is your best friend and keeping your legs closed is a healthy self-boundary to have when you let time and actions show you what breed of man you are dealing with. Having this healthy self-boundary will protect you from unnecessary pain, if and when time lets you know that he is not the one.

Ladies, remember...

Actions over Words, Facts over Fears, and Reality over Feelings will help you protect yourself from the unnecessary pain and trauma that always begins with the Sweet Nothings Game!

When you close your ears and legs to unhealthy-minded men. That will begin your healing and recovery process. Eventually, with inner work, your self-confidence, pride, and ego will not need to hear words from a man to feel good about yourself anymore, then that's when you begin the process of you stealing your power back and not allowing yourself to fall victim to unhealthy-minded sweet nothing game players.

Unfortunately, your pain makes unhealthy-minded men feel important and powerful but it doesn't have to stay that way. Steal Your Power Back, Today by focusing your energy on your growth and healing instead of trying to heal and change someone you are not qualified to heal. Mind to your own business, stay in your lane, close your ears and legs and the pain and drama will slowly start to disappear from your life.


The sweetness of their words mean nothing!

From woman to woman and from mother to mother, as always, you will hear me say…


To my healthy-minded, honest, straightforward, no game playing Jesus led men, fathers, and husbands!

Thank you!