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Homie, Lover, Friend

I found myself asking myself, Why am I seeing this slang, phrase, slogan being brought back to life again? The only thing that came to my mind was that I guess it's true that everything just simply repeats itself eventually. I guess if a person lives long enough, it's just a matter of time before something old becomes popular again.

When I heard a young woman recently say, Homie, Lover, Friend. I felt a sense of sadness for her.

Why, you ask?

Because I used to be her!

I used to believe like her and think like her!

That way of thinking affected the way I acted, the way that I acted affected my choices and my choices affected my future which brought so much heartache and pain into my life but Thanks to Jesus that is my past.

The first time that Homie, Lover, Friend was introduced to me was through the R&B artist R.Kelly and most of us know how his legacy turned out, so I won't allow myself to even go there because that is not what this article is about but his music is what introduced the Homie, Lover, Friend Mindset, way of thinking to me.

I was so blinded then to how the music that I listen to was brainwashing and grooming me for failure and unnecessary heartache and pain! The people that I called old did know what they were talking about, I was just too stubborn to listen!

I was a teenager then and was naive and thought that I knew it all, so of course, I believed in anything that was considered to be the popular thing. Which I regret that I fell for that garbage then and it breaks my heart now that so many young girls and women have and are going to fall for the same game if something or someone doesn't reach them in time before that poison that comes from that way of thinking starts to corrupt their mindset, like it did me so many years ago!

So, I am writing on this topic because my hope is to reach as many young girls and women as I can before they fall into the game trap of believing in being a Homie, Lover, Friend that pimps, players, con-artists, narcissist, and all the same like-minded men that have made the choice to play in the game arena of lying, manipulating, and gas-lighting young girls and women to satisfy their own sex, power and control issues.

When really most likely they just secretly hate females and they hate the fact that there are certain parts of them that need a female because they have mommy issues that they are not willing to face. But, I'm going to leave that alone because that's another topic for another time.

So, you - you who are reading this right now.

This is no accident!

This was not a mistake!

You were called to this article, to this blog, to this movement for a reason.

Your spirit needs this, wants this, just like I once did, the Truth!

I'm writing for you!

I'm fighting for you!

I'm writing for you and for all the females that are in your world.

Because just like I'm hoping that I can help you to think smarter, healthier, and better about yourself and your body, once you do, my hope is that you then will influence and inspire the females in your world to do the same!

So, first let's break down each word.


Homie is short for homeboy, so a homie is a male friend.

So, he wants to be able to treat a female like a man. He wants to feel like he's with a man when he is with a female. This is confusing, I thought he liked women?

So, he wants you to think like a man, have conversations with him like a man, and act like a man but look like a woman and have female parts so that he can have sex with you and show you off. The last time that I checked, that was the definition of a male that has went through a sex change. Because that's the only way you are going to be able to 100% get someone that thinks and acts like a man but looks like a female and has female parts.

So, sir you need to make up your mind about what you want because the last time that I checked, a young girl/woman is a female and she is going to look, talk, act, and have thoughts and emotions like a female.


He wants sex with you and expects sex with you no matter how bad he has treated you. Don't ask him any questions about his sex life. He can have sex with as many people as he wants, unprotected if he chooses to and if you happen to catch a STD from him, or get pregnant.

In so many words this is what he will think and say to you!

Oh well, you knew that you were my homie, lover, friend! So, don't play the victim now, you knew what it was, I told you what it was!


He just wants a friend. He doesn't want a relationship. Don't ask him about a relationship, commitment, kids, marriage. Don't ask him any questions about where he's been or who he's been with because friends don't do that, friends don't keep track of each other like that!

Really, just the words being broken down like that, is enough to make me gag! Is this really what young girls and women are supposed to be aspiring to be and do, if they want to be liked by a young boy or man?


As, you can see the meaning of Homie, Lover, Friend in my opinion is about nothing but partying, sex, and all about what he wants and needs while wanting you to look like a woman but act like a man.

This has been proven, along with other evidence that you have been groomed to think like you think and to act like you act, starting at a young age through cartoons, music, movies, and television over your lifetime. Aren't you tired of getting played just so that you can say you have a man.

Stop allowing these immature, unhealthy, damaged minded boys, who look like men but act like children, to continue to use your vagina like their own personal garbage can?

Lock your vagina down and stop allowing your loneliness, horniness, and unhealthy toxic mindset control your choices to the point; that you flush your self-respect, morals, values, goals, and dreams down the toilet; every time you let that man that treats you like a piece of throw away trash, climb in between your legs once again.

If you think that you can play the sex game and win, you won't because that game is rigged and in the end, it is set up for you to lose every time or lose your soul first and I don't want that to happen to you!

You were not created to give your body away to men that will give you some time because you are lonely, tell you what you want to hear because you don't believe in yourself and show you some fake love because you don't know how to love yourself in a healthy way; yet but you can learn. I learned how to and so can you!

He is playing off of your vulnerabilities and insecurities so that he can keep you mentally and emotionally broken so that you can stay under his mind-control and not leave his gas-lighting abusive games behind you but you can put a stop to it by closing your legs and ears to him.

Once you start to close your legs and ears to him, you will start to notice that the dark cloud that has been lingering over you is starting to lift and your hope, joy, and dreams are starting to come back to you again!